Understanding The Basics of Property Management

The majority of buy and hold real estate investors are pressed for time and soon discover that handling the maintenance on their rental properties is too time-consuming. This becomes increasingly difficult for realtors that own properties in other cities or states, as traveling requires even more valuable time. Though there are negatives and positives to a realtor handling their own property, it all depends on what is ideal for them to handle. Some have time to spare and can do it themselves while others have the funds to spare to hire someone to handle all the details. In the event that a realtor opts to hire a property management company to help handle their properties, it’s important to know what to expect as far as pricing and management. Here is a guide that should help investors along the way.

Find out how much the property management redding ca company plans to charge for placing new Rentals in Redding CA. The standard is between a half a month and a full month’s rent, remember some companies cut down on advertising quality if their prices are low. While it’s great to save money, it isn’t beneficial to lose out on rent payments because the property is empty. Ensure the property manager knows to obtain credit reports, payment stubs, background investigative reports, check and examine rental references to understand the tenant’s history and get a tenant in as quickly as possible. Property managers charge a monthly fee of between 8 and 10 %. Ask if this fee is collected only if the property is occupied, or regardless of occupancy.


Renewal fees are generally used to cover paperwork and keeping contracts current, they usually cost up to half a month’s rent. Some companies don’t charge any extra for processing tenant evictions while others charge a few hundred dollars. Other management duties include repair fees and inspections to keep the building in functioning order. Some property managers have handy men on staff while others outsource the work. When trying to be cost efficient, going with a company that has their own repair men is the way to go. Outsourcing repair work to other companies can quickly become expensive and increase costs significantly. Inspections should be conducted at least twice a year to ensure the tenant is okay and Local Video Marketing that the property is fine. Fees for inspections could cost anywhere from $50-$100 per trip.

Maintaining a property can be a job in itself, and is often too much for buy and hold real estate investors to handle. Once a reputable property management redding ca company is helping investors with their properties, it can really take a load off of their shoulders. For real estate investors, time is of the essence, and the time saved managing their own properties can be assigned to other work-related endeavors, essentially earning them even more profit. A respectable property management company handles all aspects of tenant relations with care and dignity, relieving the investor of most major responsibilities.


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